Why it’s a good idea to have a regular website “health check’

Websites come in all shapes and sizes these days; a static landing page with basic contact information right up to a multi-page e-commerce website. They may seem poles apart, but they do have one thing in common, they need regular maintenance to keep them running smoothly and working for you to attract customers.

As a consumer yourself, think back to the last time you landed on a site that was slow to load, gave you a ‘404’ error page message or had missing product images and descriptions … annoying isn’t it?! And these issues can sometimes mean the difference between making a sale or the consumer opting for another brand when time is tight.

Making small updates to your site will also help with SEO (search engine optimisation). You see, Google notices the sites which have regular activity and even small changes could put your website higher up the search ranking than a competitor, when someone searches for your business online 😉

So it’s a good idea to make some time to review your website regularly and give it a spring clean. Are the images showing your products off to their best? Could you add more to show the product features better? Are all the contact details and company info all up to date? Any staff changes you need to update? Are there links to your company social media pages?

As part of our website hosting & development package, we offer Hunter Bevan clients a regular website review to make sure that the sites we build are always doing their job. Plus, our regular software updates mean clients’ sites operating software and plugins will always be kept up to date. This not only ensures the smooth running of the site but also reduces the risk of automated attacks finding vulnerabilities in software in the first place.

We are also very happy to review websites that we don’t host, or we haven’t built – maybe you’ve built your site yourself and would like an impartial review of the content or structure? We can take a look at the way the site navigation is structured and the way the content is written, to make sure there are appropriate keywords included to ensure that anyone using them in a Google search has a better chance of seeing your website listing, and that there are strong ‘calls to action’ to tell your site visitors what you’d like them to do next…

Little things can make a big difference to the way your site performs, how the search engines rank it, and how visitors react to your content. It’s worth getting an objective view as part of your spring clean!

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