Oswestry Markets: a Roadmap to Success

Aug 31, 2023

Amplify your sales and make your market stall stand out from your competitors

Alfie Lloyd

Alfie Lloyd

12th July 2023
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Are you a stallholder at Oswestry Markets? Take a read of this blog I have written, it won’t take long… but there may be some valuable tips that you may be able to implement into your business. I’m Alfie by the way, I’m a marketing guru here at Hunter Bevan and I have written this blog to help you stand out from your competitors.

The Oswestry markets are vibrant indoor/outdoor market that is held every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday and it sees a range of bespoke businesses selling everything from fresh cakes and bread to antiques and gifts. In fact, here at Hunter Bevan one of our first projects in Oswestry was actually to create the branding and signage for Oswestry Markets! We also are actively working with Jonathan, Market Consultant at Long Mountain Markets.

Let’s look at some of the areas that we will be diving into today:


cubes stacked ontop of eachotherThe Power of Visual Merchandising: Attracting Customers to Your Market Stall


When it comes to standing out in a bustling market like Oswestry Markets, visual merchandising can be a game-changer. Effective visual merchandising not only grabs the attention of passersby but also entices them to explore your products further. Here are some key principles and tips to enhance your market stall’s visual appeal: 

Tell a story with your display:  Use visual storytelling to create a narrative that engages customers emotionally. For example, if you sell handmade products, display images or a brief description of the artisans behind the items, even consider themed displays that align with seasons, holidays, or local events to create a sense of relevance and excitement. You can also utilize props and decoration to enhance the overall ambience of your market stall, consider using natural elements like plants or rustic materials to add warmth and authenticity. 

Consider the customer’s journey: strategically plan the layout of your market stall to create a natural flow that encourages customers to explore all your offerings, you can also position high-demand or high-margin items at eye level to capture immediate attention and use any lower shelves that you may have for any additional products. Also making sure you have your print, branding and signage all up-to-date.


a video icon Crafting Irresistible Offers


In the competitive environment of Oswestry Markets where your competitors might be selling similar products, creating compelling offers can significantly influence customer behavior and boost sales. An irresistible offer not only captures attention but also provides value that customers can’t resist.

The use of limited-time discounts and promotions can create a sense of urgency, by offering time-limited discounts can encourage customers to make decisions quickly leading to a boost of sales. Also consider flash sales, early-bird discounts or exclusive deals for customers who purchase within a specific time frame. Implement a loyalty programme for people who visit your market stall week by week that rewards customers for their continued support, and encourages them to tell their friends and family as mouth-by-mouth marketing is a great way to boost customers because who doesnt want to be known for “the freshest bread out of all of the Owestry Market stalls”


Giving out samples and demonstrations to passers-by will allow potential customers to experience the quality and benefits of your products first-hand, offering these tasting sessions or product trails is especially a good idea if you are a food or beverage vendor as it will help the customer make a confident decision to purchase your product.


Building Customer Loyalty


Building customer loyalty is crucial for the long-term success of your market stall at Oswestry Markets. Loyal customers not only make repeat purchases but also act as brand advocates, spreading positive word-of-mouth and bringing in new customers. This leads on from our previous tip.

An effective strategy you can use to foster some customer loyalty is as simple as getting to know your regular customers by their names and preferences and greeting them warmly whenever they visit your market stall. I used to work as a barista, and there was a customer every morning who used to come back every day before he even get a chance to say what he wanted  id say “Flat white 2 sugars?” This never failed to put a smile on the customers’ face, it makes them feel valued and understood. Consistency is key to building trust and loyalty. ensure that your products maintain high quality and that your customer service is exceptional, whether during peak hours or slower times. You should address customers’ concerns promptly and handle any issues with empathy and professionalism. 


cubes stacked ontop of eachotherShowcasing Local Flavours and Products


Having local Oswestry flavours and products in your market stall can be a powerful way to attract customers and build a unique brand identity, you should source your products locally whenever possible. Partner with nearby farmers, artisans and suppliers to offer fresh and unique items that reflect the region’s distinct flavours and culture, you can highlight the origins of each product and share the stories of the local producers to create deeper connections between customers and the community.


Set up tasting stations or sampling sessions for food and beverage products. Allow your customers to try before they buy, you can enhance their experience by engaging with them during these sessions and explaining the ingredients and preparation methods behind each item. Have you thought about featuring local artisans and producers? Host guest appearances by local artisans and producers at your market stall. This will provide a unique opportunity for customers to meet the people behind the products and gain insights into their craft., you can schedule special events or workshops where local producers can demonstrate their skills and interact with the audience. It’s especially important to reach a wider audience by promoting these guest appearances on social media and your website.


Are you ready to become the best market stall in Oswestry?


So, we’ve explored several effective strategies to help your business thrive at the Oswestry Markets. From amplifying your market stall presence to crafting compelling offers and building customer loyalty, these valuable insights are designed to propel your market stall to new heights of success. Here are some other areas that you can look at to make sure you have optimised: Social media Presence, Web Design, and Printing Products like flyers and banners.

Remember, success at the Oswestry Markets is not just about the products you sell but the experience you create for your customers. Be genuine, engage with the community, and continually refine your strategies based on feedback, let these insights serve as a road map to guide you towards maximizing your sales, building brand recognition and fostering customer loyalty. With dedication, innovation, and a passion for Oswestry’s business landscape, your market stall is poised to flourish and make a significant impact in the thriving community of Oswestry Markets. Here’s to a bright future of success and growth!

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