It can seem a daunting task when a colleague mentions the ‘M’ word. If you don’t have a marketing officer on your team then thinking up words, finding images, selecting the products you want to add onto a flyer … into a brochure … posting onto social media … a blog, can all seem like an impossible task! It’s no surprise that marketing can often take a back seat in the day-to-day running of a business.

We worked with a client recently who “needed a flyer”. They asked for a double sided A5 flyer for an upcoming store promotion, but when we looked at all the info they wanted to include, it really needed to be A4 to convey their offer clearly. However, this came with some additional ways to reuse the flyer and create a more comprehensive promotion…

  • A4 could be folded in half to A5 and posted at standard letter rate as a direct mail piece so we’re currently working with Royal Mail on a door-to-door drop to targeted areas and households likely to be interested in their service.
  • The larger size also made it more suitable for email use as a pdf file – so that recipients could easily print it themselves.
  • The cost of digital printing is so economical these days on A4, we suggested they had some printed copies for their showroom counter-tops and to hand out to existing customers.
  • The stock images we bought for use in the flyer can be re-used on social media posts and to head up a blog so that they keep a consistent image over the channels they are using.

It all sounds a bit time consuming doesn’t it?! That’s where an agency like Hunter Bevan can help. Contracting out your print design and copy writing is often perceived as unnecessary additional expense…however spending nothing on nothing gets you, well, nothing! 

But when you know that the external team are reusing images & general phrases about your business for multiple uses, over multiple channels, to the people who are most likely to respond, it’s quite a cost-effective way of maximising your communications and frees up your valuable time to run your business.

Why not talk to us about how we can help you gain the edge over your competition in 2020?

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