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Branding is not the reserve of the ‘big boys’


Every organisation can develop an effective brand to position themselves in the minds of their target audience.

A logo – whether typographical or a symbol, is normally the starting point for developing a coherent ‘brand’ or distinctive corporate image for an organisation. A logo does not necessarily have to have a literal or representative meaning. We often say to clients that we would prefer not to talk them through the rationale behind our concepts as their customer will never have that ‘academic approach’ explained to them! (However, the thought process behind the routes we present is always solid and accountable ).

A ‘corporate’ logo is the ‘signature’ of your organisation and reflects your brand positioning, your ethos and your organisation’s personality. It’s worth taking the time to develop an effective brand that will evolve with you and not just be a short term styling exercise.

On the other hand, some logos can deliberately have a shorter life expectancy, such as those developed for an event, or a different ‘tone of voice’ to that of your organisation, such as a specific product identity, to communicate effectively with differing target audiences.


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